Announcing DailyRead!

Education software to exercise common core and help kids engage with the news.

We’re pleased to announce that DailyRead has just launched! The goal of the site is to get students to read and think about our world every day, by delivering interesting and relevant news stories on current events. The site was created by Henry Yeung and development was done in Reverso Labs. (The collaboration has been very fun!)

DailyRead offers a number of features that make it a great choice for teachers and students looking to enrich their existing curriculum with current events and interesting stories in the news. The unique classroom system allows students to read articles at their own speed by adjusting reading levels, engage in discussion with their classmates, and monitor their progress. Teachers can engage their students with discussion and keep track of their classes via the teacher dashboard that allows them to see at a glance how their students are doing.

DailyRead’s beta is live, and we’re interested in seeing how people use it. Check it out, and if you’re a student or a teacher, we’d definitely encourage you to try out in your own classroom.