Reverso Labs is now Rekka Labs

New name, new domain, and a new office!

REVERSO Labs is now Rekka Labs.

That’s the announcement. “REVERSO Labs” filled its purpose for a while, but people occasionally got confused about the name, and we really like the new name. We had been kicking around the idea of a name change for a while, finally settling on “Rekka”.


The new name sounded good to us, it was shorter and easier to spell, and it meant we could keep the same initials.

As a bonus, “Rekka” means “a conflagration”, which fit nicely with our affinity for the Inferno OS.

New Office!

We’ve also got a new office in Pasadena! Feel free to stop by.

It is no mistake that we are walking distance from a King Taco.

Thanks for your interest!

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